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Fernando Jule

  • Schwarz, Affe, Astronaut, Planet
  • Malerei, Planet
  • Schwarz, Pirat, Schiff, Malerei
  • Meer, Acrylmalerei, Welt, Surreal
  • Liebe, Acrylmalerei, Schwarz, Surreal
  • Stadt, Koch, Saucisson, Wurst
  • Fantasie, Wal, Gepetto, Acrylmalerei

aus Basel , Schweiz

Über mich

''The fact that I don't understand the meaning of my paintings when I'm painting them does not mean that these pictures have no meaning. On the contrary, the meaning is so profound, complex, coherent and unintended that it eludes simple analysis by logical intuition.''

Fernando Jule is a conceptual artist from El Salvador. Growing up in the heart of an armed conflict, he often turned to art and drawing as a mean of expression. More professionally, over the past fifteen years, he has worked on many projects. From murals to canvas, even henna to paper, he uses mixed materials including Chinese ink and acrylic paint.

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