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Theo Hues

  • Blau, Symbolik, Malerei, Ölmalerei
  • Malerei, Blau, Abstrakt, Ölmalerei
  • Ruhr, Abstrakt, Felsen, Malerei
  • Blau, Ölmalerei, Abstrakt, Peloponnes
  • Blau, Ölmalerei, Ostia, Malerei
  • Ölmalerei, Blau, Malerei, Schiff
  • Ölmalerei, Uhr, Blau, Uhrwerk
  • Blau, Ölmalerei, La mer, Malerei
  • Kathedrale, Ölmalerei, Blau, Malerei
  • Gitter, Blau, Ölmalerei, Malerei
  • Schiff, Blau, Ölmalerei, Malerei
  • Ölmalerei, Blau, Alberese, Malerei
  • Sole, Blau, Achat, Malerei
  • Sole, Blau, Malerei,
  • Blau, Sole, 2008, Malerei
  • Sole, Blau, Malerei,
  • Sole, Blau, Malerei,
  • Blau, Peloponnes, Malerei,
  • Kristall, Blau, Malerei,
  • Korinthos, Blau, Malerei,
  • Blau, Kathedrale, Malerei,
  • Blau, Felsen, Malerei,
  • Blau, Malerei,
  • Ammonit, 2009, Malerei,

aus Bad Nauheim, Deutschland

Über mich

Theo Hues, born in 1954 in Recklinghausen, is a German artist and educator. He studied art and music in Frankfurt am Main. Since 1983, Hues operates as a teacher and art teacher. He is a mentor in the art educational training for students and teacher trainees. He supports the project “School without Racism - School with Courage,” and is involved in the worldwide community of artists and human rights organization “Artists for Freedom.”Influenced by different styles of art and artists of the '60s, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and the arts as a socio-political statement about Joseph Beuys, and affected by the dispute at German universities and universities of art as musically, aesthetic education and visual communication, Hues developed early on his own artistic style. Art for him is a reflection of social life. The critical engagement with his environment is thematically presented in clear, expressive images, which are limited to essential design resources. These criteria characterize today his graphics, object-pictures and serial collages. Theo Hues lives in Bad Nauheim. With his exhibitions and campaigns, he is for several years nationally and internationally in the public eye.
·2005: „Fragmente“ Bad Nauheim and Eichstätt/Bay., DE
·2007: „One World“ Frankfurt am Main, DE and Rome, IT
·2008: „Reflexion“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2008: „One World“ Brussels, BE and Paris, FR
·2008: „Augenblicke“ Friedberg/Hessen, DE
·2009: „Fragmente“ Ilbenstadt and Bad Langensalza, DE
·2009: „Friedensbilder“ Frankfurt am Main, DE
·2010: „One World“ Budapest, HU
·2010: „Fragmente“ Friedberg/Hessen, DE
·2010: „Serial Art“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2011: „Artists for Freedom“ Ludwigshafen, DE
·2011: „The Red Line“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2011: „Artistes du Monde“ Cannes, FR
·2011: „Human Rights?“ Rovereto, IT
·2012: „Blue Notes“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2012: „7 sins Avarizia“ Museo Arcos, Benevento, IT
·2012: „Artists for Freedom“ Ludwigshafen, DE
·2012: „Artists for Freedom“ Baden-Baden, DE
·2012: „Galleria Spazio Museale“ Milan, IT
·2012: „Punkte & Pixel“ Hamburg, DE
·2012: „Human Rights?“ Lecce and Rovereto, IT
·2013: „Fragmente“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2013: „Artists for Freedom“ Ulm, DE
·2013: „7 sins Luxuria“ Specchia, IT
·2013: „Human Rights?“ Specchia and Rovereto, IT
·2014: „Porträtbilder“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2014: „Artistes du Monde“ Monaco, MC
·2014: „Human Rights? Memento“ Rovereto, IT
·2015: „Human Rights?“ Rovereto, IT
·2015: „Fragmente“ Bad Nauheim, DE
·2016: „Installation and Photography“ Frankfurt, DE
·2016: „Human Rights? Diversity“ Rovereto, IT


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