Henadzy Havartsou

  • Frau, Blue, Meer, Mädchen
  • Frau, Grün, Mädchen, Interior design
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  • Blue, Stimmung, Weiß, Gelb
  • Blue, Gelb, Weiß, Red
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  • Design, Abstrakt, Blue, Orange
  • Design, Abstrakt, Blue, Ozean
  • Orange, Abstrakt, Gelb, Blue
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  • Gelb, Abstrakt, Weiß, Savanne
  • Interior design, Abstrakt, Grün, Blue
  • Gelb, Abstrakt, Weiß, Blue
  • Orange, Abstrakt, Gelb, Blue
  • Abstrakt, Weiß, Interior design, Blue
  • Weiß, Interior design, Abstrakt, Gelb
  • Gelb, Red, Weiß, Bucht
  • Abstrakt, Weiß, Blue, Orange
  • Abstrakt, Weiß, Blue, Musik
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  • Strand, Orange, Meer, Interior design
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  • Abstrakt, Savasana, Yoga, Malerei
  • Blue, Abstrakt, Gelb, Wasser
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  • Orange, Abstrakt, Weiß, Sommer
  • Frau, Akt, Pink, Malerei
  • Abstrakt, Rot, Pink, Sommer
  • Granatapfel, Metall, Flasche, Stillleben
  • Granatapfel, Glas, Kaffeemühle, Stillleben
  • Stillleben, Flasche, Glas, Apfel
  • Stillleben, Metall, Apfel, Krug
  • Alpine sun, Schnee, Berge, Landschaft
  • Berge, Landschaft, Schnee, Alpine fir
  • Stein, Alp, Blau, Schnee
  • Stein, Berge, Fluss, Malerei
  • Rot, Sommer, Pink, Regen
  • Universum, Tanz, Sand, Nachricht
  • Blau, Musik, Zettel, Falset
  • Storm, Blau, Rot, Malerei
  • Storm, Abstrakt, Rot, Blau
  • Blue, Welloy, Island, Rot
  • Universum, Abstrakt, Galaxie, Rot
  • Zettel, Gelb, Musik, Tanz
  • Abstrakt, Morgen, Sonnenaufgang, Malerei
  • Poker, Abstrakt, Flush, Malerei
  • Korallen, Riff, Abstrakt, Malerei
  • Ölmalerei, Oliv, Abstrakt, Lila
  • Tanz, Abstrakt, Red, Knallig
  • Berge, Schnell, Fluss, Malerei

aus Poznan, Polen

Über mich

There are things without which you can’t live one day, without which you can’t live a month, but there are things without which you can live your whole life, especially if you do not see beyond their nose. In order to operate the digestive tract and had a deep sleep, it is not necessary to go to the theater and to be interested in painting. But without any doubt, we all want more, we don’t want to have monotonous days, let life will sparkle with unfamiliar faces and unusual angles. And a great way for this - art in all forms. It’s an ocean of emotions, it’s a pleasure on the border of the subconscious and belonging to a limited circle of people.
I think my works have what you need. This is not just an art object in your home, it will be your companion and friend, because it’s produced as a living thing with its own character. Already during the work clearly felt the impact of not yet finished paintings on the process. I don’t know what will happen in the end, the canvas is clearly dictates every subsequent stroke, everything is unpredictable.
I was born and now live in Vitebsk, which is known all over the world due to the fact that there were born or worked vanguard monsters - Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich. I'm in the same aura that inspired these great artists. Perhaps a few atoms of air, which breathed these great people inside of me.
Born in 1963 in Vitebsk BelarusHe graduated from art-graphic faculty of the University Masherova Vitebsk.Member of the international plein air in Poland, joint and solo exhibitions in Belarus.Member of the Union of Polish Artists in Belarus.His works are in private collections in Belarus, Russia, Polska, Israel, Turkey, Switzerland, Finland.Tel: +41793217914 CH +48796784221 PL +375 29 6734009 BY


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