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  • Plakatkunst, Grafik
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Plakatkunst, Grafik
  • Malerei
  • Plakatkunst, Grafik
  • Pop art, Illustration, Grafik, Plakatkunst

aus St. Ingbert, Deutschland

Über mich

I´m working as a freelance artist - creative as conceptionell -
who besides my own obsession in Pop Art, especially Pin Ups also
operates for commercial and consumer clients.
My creative experience is based upon 30 years of work for german
and foreign advertising agencies and publishers.
Since 2000 i market myself on my own as a freelancer and Pop Art
artist. Layouts and illustrations belongs also to my repartoire as the
painting on canvas. Creation and realization of projects after briefing
are for me nerby familiar as - either digital or craft - top quality
Many european customers possess works of mine and order
happy again knowing that it bold and unique creations can expect
from me.

Liberty E. Moore

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