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Philippe Mendel

  • Malerei, Abstrakt
  • Malerei, Abstrakt, Tsunami
  • Malerei, Real, Figural
  • Malerei, Real, Figural
  • Malerei, Real, Figural, Flash
  • Malerei, Real, Figural

aus Müllheim, Deutschland

Über mich

Born in Paris in 1962. Studied arts at the Conservatoire of Issy, France, traveled throughout the USA then studied English at the Sorbonne, Paris. Participated in quite a few exhibitions in the neighborhood. At last, I decided to open my own gallery in Müllheim in 2002. Regularly show my works in Frankfurt, Berlin, Freiburg, Müllheim, Neuenburg, Mulhouse, Basel, Solothurn, Wien, Graz and Sylt.

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