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Michael Kühne

  • Nacht, Vollmond, Nebel, Malerei
  • Jerusalem, Kreuz, Ölmalerei, Malerei
  • Kraft, Schädel, Matadors, Ölmalerei

aus 25712 Burg, Deutschland

Über mich

Michael Kühne was born in Berlin, Tempelhof in 1955 and studied Art History
at the Freie Universität Berlin and then at Cristian Albrecht Universität in Kiel.
He has been a member of the
Kreuzberg Artists’ Circle since 1976
and he has belonged to the Artists’ Association in Berlin since 1978. In 1972 he received the first prize of the German Industry Fair in Berlin and gained international fame in 1993 by winning the 4th prize of the first pan-European art show in Milan, Italy. He has established himself in the art and collectors’ scene already since 1977 with numerous individual and group exhibitions as well as book illustratioris.


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