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3D Bilder

  • Malerei
  • Fotografie, Acrylmalerei, Parizi1, Paris
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Fotografie, Paris, Orange, Acrylmalerei
  • Liebe, Acrylmalerei, Natur, Orange
  • Menschen, Liebe, Fotografie, Natur
  • 3d, Fotografie, Natur, Orange
  • Menschen, 3d, Fotografie, Acrylmalerei
  • Liebe, Menschen, Orange, Natur
  • Fotografie, Acrylmalerei, Orange, Liebe
  • Natur, Acrylmalerei, Liebe, Orange
  • Natur, Acrylmalerei, Liebe, Fotografie
  • Natur, Liebe, Acrylmalerei, Orange
  • Natur, 3d, Fotografie, Liebe
  • Liebe, Acrylmalerei, Orange, 3d
  • Liebe, Natur, 3d, Fotografie
  • Liebe, Natur, Menschen, 3d
  • Menschen, 3d, Fotografie, Acrylmalerei
  • Orange, Natur, Fotografie, 3d
  • Fotografie, 3d, Liebe, Acrylmalerei
  • Orange, Acrylmalerei, Liebe, Fotografie
  • Liebe, Natur, Menschen, Fotografie
  • 3d, Fotografie, Orange, Menschen
  • 3d, Liebe, Acrylmalerei, Fotografie
  • Orange, Acrylmalerei, Fotografie, Liebe
  • Acrylmalerei, Orange, Liebe, 3d
  • 3d, Liebe, Orange, Acrylmalerei
  • Orange, Liebe, Acrylmalerei, 3d
  • Orange, 3d, Acrylmalerei, Liebe
  • 3d, Orange, Acrylmalerei, Patarazit
  • Liebe, 3d, Acrylmalerei, Orange
  • 3d, Acrylmalerei, Malerei,
  • 3d, Acrylmalerei, Malerei,
  • 3d, Acrylmalerei, Malerei,
  • Acrylmalerei, 3d, Malerei,
  • 3d, Malerei,
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • 3d, Malerei,
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d,
  • Unicat, 3d, Acrylmalerei, Malerei
  • Acrylmalerei, Malerei, 3d,
  • Acrylmalerei, Malerei, 3d,
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d
  • Malerei, 3d

aus Berlin, Deutschland

Über mich

Eka Peradze
Personal data
Birth : 23.03.1974 - Tbilissi, Georgia
Sex :F
Nationality/ Georgian
Strausberger st 12a
Art School Moses Toidze 1989-1991. Georgia (Tbilisi)
I completed it with red diploma
Categorie and medium
Painting : Mixed media/canvas
Movements and styles
3D-Painting, Abstraction
Solo exhibitions
2013- 11- Galerie Apollo Georgia (Tbilissi)
2013- 04- Privat Galerie Lika Georgia (Tbilissi)
2013-03- art university. Georgia (Batumi)
2013- 02- Art-Atelie Peradze- Georgia (Tbilissi)
2012-12- Art shows. Qarvasla. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2012-10 Georgian University of the patriarchate of Georgia
Group exhibitions
2013- 07-08
Represented by : Galerie
Kunstverein-ZeitKunst-Baden-Baden Peter Sommerfeld
2013-05 Youth theater house. Mit kultur minister Georgia. G.Khachidze. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2012-10 Theater of artistic Rustaveli. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2012-07. fair Megalain. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2007-09. street art Madrid Spain
2006-07-08. ARTKUNSTRAUMS in the center "Helle Mitte" Berlin
2002 Grand Marche d'Art Contemporain. Gerona. Spain.
Art shows / fairs
2013-10 Creatives Rising Long Island City, NY
2013- MIAMI BEACH 2013 | DEZEMBER 3-08
2011. Qarvasla. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2012. Qaevasla. Georgia (Tbilissi)
2013- 01.08#-Gza. seite 51. Georgia
2013- 01,10#(614) Tbilisselebi seite 82 Georgia
2013 Reitingi# Georgia
2013 05.08 Adjara# 23/714 Georgia
2013 .07 Baden-Baden Germany
2012 07. Berliner Abendlatt Germany
TV broadcast
2013 – 03 TV 1.

ეკა ფერაძე.ძეგვის თავშესაფარი
2012 – 2013 5x Rustavi 2
ქარვასლა წინასაახალწლოდ
2012-2013 6-7 x Imedi
საქველმოქმედო აქცია
ეკა ფერაძის გამოფენა
2012-2013 1xMze
Eka Peradze. 3D.1TV
2012-2013 TV9
ახალი 6 | საჩუქრები ბავშვებისთვის | 30.12.21
2012-2013 Pik
2012-2013 Adjara
eka peradze. gamofena-gakidva batumshi
2012-2013 Maestro
My pictures are on the whole world in the private collections of some well-known people such as in Gorgien the Georgian Patriarch and some Georgian politicians
In September 2013, Encyclopedia of successful people the eighth edition in Georgia will be published. Fortunately, information is placed in this book about me and about my work . Each of need my help, I am willing to help.
Buy unique paintings directly from the artist - Eka Peradze
Unique means that on the whole world, there is only one such painting.
From my hand, the image is not repeated.
certificate of Authenticity
You will receive a certificate of authenticity for each value with a corresponding registration number,
on which all the image-relevant data are recorded.
This is used to authenticate works of art.
An invoice is naturally included
My work is saved in private collection of well known people such as collection of successful politicians and famous people. For example collection of patriarch of Georgia. I have exposed my work in many countries of the world. All my expositions had one purpose: love, friendship, charity. Each exposition in my country is dedicated to help the poor and I think to continue doing the same in future.
Part or whole benefit is always spent in caring for them. For additional information you can see videos on youtube or google, write my name and surname. I am mother of 4 children and live in Berlin with my family. I continue my work. I have planned expositions in many countries. In September 2013 is going to be published encyclopaedia on successful people of Georgia. Fortunately, in eighth part of this book will be placed information about me, about my work. Anyone who need my help I'm ready to be useful. I can offer my work anyone needs it. You can contact me at email mailto:ekaperadze@hotmail.de. your Sincerely Eka Peradze.
Union List of Artist Names® Online
Handy: 0170 8253389
Email: mailto:ekaperadze@hotmail.de
Eka Peradze

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