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Tsvetan Radenkov

  • Wien, Ubahn, 2017, Ausstellungen
  • 00, Armed with batons, Stun grenades, And tear gas
  • Expressionismus, Mischtechnik, Ölmalerei, Sprayfarbe
  • Ai wei wei, Figurativ, Surreal, Magie
  • Abbild, Magie, Figurativ, Modern
  • Figurativ, Surreal, Modern, Magie
  • Magie, Surreal, Modern, Schamanismus
  • Surreal, Figurativ, Modern, Malerei
  • Ölmalerei, Malerei, Surreal, Fischer

aus Wien, Österreich

Über mich

Tsvetan Radenkov Born 03.08.1972 in Plovdiv Bulgaria lives in Vienna since 2000 2007 begins his work as a freelance artist (painting) In 2012 he takes part in the Barcelona Showcase Casa Battlo 2014 group exhibition at the Museum Karlsplatz 2015 Member of the artist group El-Kordy 2015 Member of the Free Painters Tsvetan Radenkov painted in large formats, the illusory nature of human perception. He shows us a world in which he himself represents as a proxy for all of us as a human being, Angel and demon - as a monk, Harlequin and as a shaman with all its totems; as worth protecting tigers, as a free horse - as a bird in your own prison of himself. An eternal phoenix rising from the ashes of the unreal realities. How many of us believe in things we can not see? How often do we want what we see not perceive because it is too painful to incredibly or nice? Tsvetan Radenkov shows us the world his invisible realities, the ugly beauty of the wonderful diversity of people and animals in his paintings and graphics, and we look and look and be amazed ..... Herbert Weinmüller-Gaiger Hans Ludvig Attersee: This is a high level art.Viktor Ledera: Paintings with a lot of fantasy andstrengthsConcept:In short timeTsvetan Radenkov devolps his art. Inthe beginning he used to make naivistic,expressionistic paintigs, in some of them u cansee the use of calligraphic way of painting, alsocollages (pre-worked pictures with adobe photoshop).After this period of his artist devolpment hestarts to experiment with new concepts. Nowdaysthis is sacred art law for him - always on thebase of what he saw in the art world, to give tothis world something new from himself, so hispaintings can be diffrent and uniqe . NowTsvetan`s batterries are "charged" to make hispoint - the goal is to seek the new and the futurein the art world. Example for this is his Red-mancollection, in which in front of the realisticplan stays the "ugly" and "ineligible" and inhidden plan there are surealistic proections.Though them he shows his point of view , how thethings in our life should be, so it can be better.After this collection a new period in hisdevolpment is born. Since Januar 2010 he starts topaint in new rotation concept. His figures andnature/urban elements are roteded in 360 degrees.Also intresting for the viewer is that thepaintings can stay on the wall on all 4 sides.This makes the canvas a kind of a diffrent media.End of 2010/start of 2011 Tsvetan makes his laststep in his devolpent, when he puts in hispaintings buttons and other plastic , wood ormetal elements, afterthat he draws over them. On this way the viewerhas the feeling of diapossitive proecting to therelief of canvas. .Tsvetan can paint and draw with his both hands,but he thinks thah he stil has a lot to learn andto experiment. Tsvetan says something about hisart - 'Some people are saying that I stil haven`tfound my art, but its exactly the opposite. Thatsthe way i found myself , when i make new anddiffrent things. There is thin line between kitschand art - the one is serial and the art issomething new and uniqe in the momemnt of itscreation. This seek of new and never seen art islike the Holy Graal for the neverending life inthe art. When i repeat myself i will die and i mean it

2007 begins his work as a freelance artist (painting)In 2012 he takes part in the Barcelona Showcase Casa Battio2014 group exhibition at the Museum Karlsplatz2015 Member of the artist group El-Kordy2015 Member of the Free Painters

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