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Roman Velihurskyy

  • Human form, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Kunsthandwerk, Metall,
  • Schwerelosigkeit, For interior, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Schwerelosigkeit, For interior, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • For interior, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Monstr, For interior, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Tiere, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Tablevases stand, Sculptur, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Functional sculpture, For interior, Tablevases stand, Kunsthandwerk
  • Tiere, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Erotik, Kunsthandwerk, Metall
  • Katze, Kunsthandwerk, Metall, Fragment
  • Katze, Kunsthandwerk, Metall

aus St.Bandery;69/V;Rivne, Ukraine

Über mich

1999 - Lviv Academy of Arts
Diploma of Metal Artistic Designer
1988 - Art studio of Oleksa Blyznuk
Graduating from the Academy of Arts as a metal designer Roman has passed the long way from the designer of jewelery to blacksmith and sculptor. In his continuous quest for new technologies in metal processing he has succeded to invent his individual style which combines the technics of forging and chasing, welding and soldering. And thanks to his imagination and sence of humour he creates unique sculptures which are exciting and make us

Roman Velihurskyy

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