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Romashov Evgenij

  • Rot, Mann, Acrylmalerei, Malerei
  • Мountains, Blau, Acrylmalerei, Malerei
  • Rot, Blau, Acrylmalerei, Malerei
  • Frau, Blau, Acrylmalerei, Malerei
  • Rot, Acrylmalerei, Malerei, Tiere
  • Rot, Acrylmalerei, Malerei, Tiere
  • Frau, Acrylmalerei, Malerei, Menschen
  • Frau, Acrylmalerei, Malerei, Ausdrucksmalerei
  • Acrylmalerei, Frau, Blau, Malerei

aus Grodno, Weißrussland

Über mich

I am a young Belarussian artist and designer. In 2010 I completed my design study in the Hrodna State College of Art and In 2014 graduated from Yanka Kupala State University of Hrodna with a degree in Fine Art.
I participates in many exhibitions. I draws in post-symbolism style and also works with installation and video art.

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