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Patrick Guidato

  • Digital, Dunkel, Schwarz, Tür

aus Bochum, Deutschland

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Patrick Guidato
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Your biography will help artists discover you and your work! I am a digital artist from Bochum, Germany, All of my works are generated completely without redesigning other pictures. I am doing this for 2 years now and I'm happy to read comments on my artwork. I'm a student of life science at the Ruhr University and going to graduate next spring as master of science. Due to my studies I firstly discovered my interest in art. My first artwork was the result of fun with some filters in Photoshop and boredom. I discovered the possibilyties Photoshop offers and I took on and on. Now I have about 200 artworks created and 146 are visible on imagekind. My intention in art is to create art to inspire the imagintion of the looker but also to be decorativ. My opinion is that, if art is not decorative only few will look at it and only few will see it, so I want to reach as much people as possible to see and think about my art. I think creative thinking and discussion is one of the most valueable goods of mankind and I want people to be inspired by my art to think about it and even discuss it, If there are questions or comments you wish to adress to my don't be shy. I am happy over every message, comment or question i get. greetings to everyone Patrick Guidato
I would like to sell all my images in all of my galleries as greeting cards.

Allow images to be cropped for greeting card sales only.

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