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Arne Willruth

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aus Hamburg, Deutschland

Über mich

Arne Willruth born 9th September 1956 is German painter who lives in Winsen-Luhe near Hamburg, Germany. He follows a surreal painting-style and uses mainly oil-colors.
Now he looks back on more than 30 years of painting, since the day in his early twenties where he began to learn how to paint auto didactically. In the following decade he read a lot about different art, different styles and different artists. It came out, that his passion for oil, acryl and water-colors will remain and he started to improve a lot. Ideas and Inspiration mostly grow out of his daily life and environment as well as out of his inner feelings and conflict. Since he had to move out from his parents at an age of 16 his unusual history gets reflected in his art in decent ways. Even incidents and conflicts in the society such as the tragic 9/11 find a place in his paintings. The symbiosis of conflicts and well dosed colors is unique and the reason why he became a locally famous very quickly. As soon as he exhibited his works in several official exhibitions in Hamburg & Bremen and auctions he became known regionally in the north of Germany. At some point he decided for himself that the paste was too high and he was afraid that it would influence his creativity negatively. So today he prefers to sell privately and exclusively.

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