Mercedes De. Rabena

  • Bunt, Sinnlichkeit, Aufsteigend, Glück
  • Liebe, Weiblichkeit, Kraft, Bunt
  • Weiblichkeit, Berührend, Acrylmalerei, Sinnlichkeit
  • Weiß, Kraft, Gefühl, Freude
  • Weiblichkeit, Emotion, Weiß, Weiblich
  • Türkis, Sinnlichkeit, Wasser, Malerei
  • Intensiv, Wärme, Farben, Freude
  • Weihnachten, Kreativ, Liebe, Merrry
  • Emotion, Leidenschaft, Sex2, Wasser
  • Interesse, Mächtig, Adler, Blau
  • Leidenschaft, Emotion, Metall, Menschen
  • Geld, Geist, Weiß, Lila
  • Energetisch, Lila, Berührend, Liebe
  • Malerei
  • Erhellend, Aufsteigend, Rot, Liebe
  • Flowtismus, Justicia, Blau, Metall
  • Malerei, Figural
  • Malerei, Abstrakt
  • Malerei, Figural, Schönheit
  • Männlich, Wein, Abstrakt, Rot
  • Liebe, Abstrakt, Feuer, Malerei
  • Malerei, Abstrakt, Küste, Schiffe
  • Figural, Malerei, Engel,
  • Abstrakt, Malerei
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Tanz, Vulkan
  • Malerei, Figural, Akt, Rot
  • Figural, Malerei, Akt, Grün
  • Malerei, Licht, Fenster
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Herbst
  • Malerei, Figural, Gedanken,
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Stadt
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Garten
  • Malerei, Abstrakt
  • Malerei, Abstrakt, Hafen
  • Malerei, Abstrakt, Augenblick
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Love
  • Figural, Malerei, Love,
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Love
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Love
  • Fotografie, Menschen, Pinnwand, Mercedes
  • Malerei, Blau, Rot, Grau
  • Figural, Malerei, Schönheit, Kraft
  • Gelb, Rot, Intensiv, Abstrakt
  • Abstrakt, Malerei, Kräftig, Rot
  • Mann, Malerei, Kreis, Rot
  • Malerei, Natur, Figural, Gelb
  • Liebe, Bewegend, Landschaft, Fluss

aus Salzburg, Österreich

Über mich

"Art erases the dust of everyday life from your soul." (Pablo Picasso)“Art doesn’t reproduce what’s visible, it makes visible.” (Paul Klee)The messages from these great artists meet in my Art. From my early youth I have been engaged in fine arts. Starting with figurative expression, my art developed more and more into a mixture of concrete and abstract pictorial language. I live and work as an artist in Hallein, Germany, and my work eludes any classification.In my paintings lie a lot of emotions, which the viewer can see, and most importantly, feel. My works enchant with their light, their transparency, and the magic and intensity of their colours. They show the beauty of life, they give energy. The viewer’s own energies are reflected in my paintings. It is colour-cast love and power plants, arisen from a deep inner calm and love towards everything that exist.My paintings become places of the supernatural and incredible, opening the eyes and broadening the mind. The longer a painting is viewed, the more the viewer begins tosee and feel where the picture takes him. The paintings develop here and now, referring at the same time to what is transcendent and spiritual. These paintings are about memory, mystic landscapes, and known bodies that open up to us the more we look at them.What stays is the perpetual being, and the love and freedom, with which our dreams and emotions are weaved. There is no need to interpret them - you can just feel them.These pictures should be approached in an open and perceptive way; letting the colours speak, complementing the range of emotions needed in order to feel good.But time is also a factor. The time needed to make a painting is extremely split. This technique requires great speed and also a great deal of patience later on, almost like with Emil Solar. It takes hours for the drop to dry. I love contrasts and simplicity, thus I have continued to simplify my technique more and more. My works are mostly water and colour.The surface seems to be networked from underneath and over the canvas. What appears to be accidental, proves a conscious element of composition, letting it flow back again into subtle coincidences. My paintings can be viewed from any angle. The vertical and horizontal arrangement creates an organic whole that does not lose power. These works are totally independent from changing trends in art. They are only aimed at the sensibility and the love. The uniqueness of the work consists in transforming the richness of the forms and colours artistically, without reproducing the old, developing a whole new and timeless work.Painting means a living process to me. It is sensuousness, love. It means conflict and freedom at the same time. A lot of my emotions are put into it. Colours become independent; dissolve from outside, in order to reach inside. Energy, love, lust, joy, sensuousness – these are all feelings I would like to present when looking at my paintings.But first, the paintings have to move me and quicken me, in order to be able to open men’s world of emotions through my art.

Wahres Glück liegt in der Liebe zu allem was istTrue happiness lies in the love of everything that is

Mitglied: Mercedes De. Rabena

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