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  • Abstrakt, Asymmetry, Balance, Crossing
  • Blur, Farben, Licht, Lightness
  • Blown, Beauty, Blau, Wolken
  • Carpathian, Farben, Contrast, Digital
  • Abstrakt, Construction, Digital, Dunkel
  • Bw, Dunkel, Digital, Evolution
  • Wolken, Erde, Evening, Enjoy
  • Artificial, Abstrakt, Black and white, Composing
  • Unlimited, Abstrakt, Artificial, Schwarz
  • Girlfriends, Blau, Children, Contrast
  • Brightness, Energie, Contrast, Farben
  • Yellowy, Blur, Buttercup, Traum
  • Texture, Royal, Gold, Pattern
  • Abstrakt, Artificial, Blau, Composing
  • Farben, Wolken, Contrast, Composing
  • Abstrakt, Blur, Contrast, Tag
  • Narcissuses, Abstrakt, Blau, Blur
  • Blau, Boot, Bw, Calm
  • Abstrakt, Artificial, Blau, Blur
  • Boot, Calm, Nebel, Landschaft
  • Zeichnung, Expression, Figurativ, Gesicht
  • Andechs, Monastery, Bavarian, Beer
  • Blau, Contrast, Zeichnung, Expressionismus
  • Braun, Contrast, Hund, Draft
  • Abstrakt, Ancient, Asymmetry, Bw
  • Rhombus, Abstrakt, Build, Blau
  • Orange, Spectrum, Arising, Beginning
  • Bas, Relief, Christ, Church
  • Narcissuses, Abstrakt, Blau, Blur
  • Horizont, Pattern, Abstrakt, Blau
  • Inspiration, Bellis, Blur, Blau
  • Dimensions, Abstrakt, Composing, Digital
  • Tinted, Woods, Created, Collage
  • Blossom, Blau, Farben, Contrast
  • Blossom, Farben, Contrast, Digital
  • Blossom, Farben, Contrast, Digital
  • Abstrakt, Blur, Contrast, Tag
  • Abstrakt, Blur, Carmine, Contrast
  • Mood, Abstrakt, Blau, Blur
  • Revolution, Abstrakt, Asymmetrical, Assembly
  • Abstrakt, Artificial, Assembly, Schwarz
  • Parallels, Sport, Politics, Lobby
  • Blur, Bavaria, Chestiness, Farben
  • Sonnenuntergang, Abstrakt, Balance, Blau
  • Fotografie, Pflanzen, Window
  • Feld, Frühling, Blau, Farben
  • Leben, Review, Abstrakt, Asymmetrical
  • Artificial, Bavaria, Blau, Blur
  • Merry xmas, Mas, Weihnachten, Merry christmas
  • Herbst, Joy, Appear, Approximation
  • Abstrakt, Asymmetrical, Balance, Movement
  • Abstrakt, Assembly, Balance, Change
  • Arise, Artificially, Bw, Balance
  • Netting, Bw, Calm, Farben
  • Branches, At the shore, Artificial, Bw
  • Abstrakt, Angled, Antithesis, Artificial
  • Abstrakt, Angled, Antithesis, Artificial
  • Clear, Approximation, Abstrakt, Construction
  • Approximation, Abstrakt, Cement factory, Construction
  • Restoration, Christ, Digital, Fresco

aus Deutschland

Über mich

Anything can be art in some way or another ... after observing I have to bring my contribution. I don’t make a conscious decision what to do, just see where the journey takes me. I am mainly interested in doing perspective constructivism. At the same time searching to extend my understanding of shape and light. I do not set targets, because I know that the possibilities of presentation are infinite ...

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