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Abdulhamid Abdalla

  • Kunsthandwerk, Holz
  • Malerei, Abstrakt,

aus Hamburg., Deutschland

Über mich

Abdulhamid Abdalla

* 1974 Born in Al Hasaka, Syria
* 1999 graduated from the study of arts with diploma at the University of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria
* 2001 3rd prize in the Competition of Young Artists, Syrian Artists Association
* 2003 living and working as an artist in Germany
* 2006 member of the art agency “Art Goes Public”, Hamburg, Germany member of the Association of Professional Artists, Damascus, Syria member of the „Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler“, Germany

Single Exhibitions

* 1999 Arab Culture Center in Al Hasaka
* 1997 Gallery Atassi, Damascus
* 2000 Gallery Atassi, Damascus
* 2001 Gallery Al Sayed, Damascus
* 2001 Gallery Bu Sheri, Kuweit, Kuweit
* 2003 Gallery Edith Schwarz, Potsdam, Germany
* 2004 Gallery X5, Ulm, Germany
* 2006 Gallery Dagmar Peveling, Köln, Germany
* 2007 Gallery mbeck, Homburg a. d. Saar, Germany

Shared Exhibitions

* 1999 Fine Art Gallery, London, England
* 2000 Modern Art Gallery, Cyprus
* 2000 Artist Museum Gallery, Washington, USA
* 2002 French Culture Center, Damascus, Syria
* 2002 Galerie Al Sayed, Damascus, Syria
* 2002 American Culture Center, Damascus, Syria
* 2003 Amber and Art Gallery Caro, Leiden, Netherlands
* 2003 GalleryX5, Ulm, Germany
* 2007 Katzen Arts Center, Washington, USA
* 2007 Bienal Internacional De Cuenca, Gallery Paradise, Ecuador
* 2007 Museum of Communication, Hamburg, Germany
* 2007 Green(c)art, eigenarten, Hamburg, Germany

This position of Abdalla – overcoming the times and cultures but at the same time rooted in both – expresses itself in the works which we show now for the first time here in Homburg. With marked structures and dominated by a language of shape and color, which is inspired by nature and human existence, you can always see in his works his background and the impulses of his own biography: In this way his powerful and poetic paintings are an invitation to get – apart from a calculated reality – nearer to the art of intuition.”


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