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ivaylo Ivanov

  • Rodopea, Malerei
  • Acril on canvas, Malerei
  • Acril on canvas, Malerei
  • National folk costume, Malerei
  • Rodopea, Mischtechnik
  • Malerei,
  • Rodopa mauntin, Malerei
  • Wiege, Mischtechnik,
  • Malerei,
  • Rodopean girl, Malerei
  • Massive wood frame, Malerei
  • Keramik, Mischtechnik
  • Wiege, Strong ceramic, Mischtechnik,
  • Person, Keramik, Folklor costume, Mischtechnik
  • Wiege, Wood backframe, Mischtechnik,
  • Folklor, Rodopea, Mischtechnik,

aus Bulgaria, Bulgarien

Über mich

I grew up in family of art collectors in my childhood years i spent summers and winters in the unparalleled beauty and spirituality Rhodope Mountains with my grandparents.Often visited painters exhibition with my parents. 23 years paint on clothes and I did design, 6 years working in family gallery, 2012-personal exhibition of paintings-town of Stara Zagora,2013-group exhibition of young artists-town of Stara Zagora,2013-personal exhibition of sculpture,mosaic and paintings.2013-personal exhibition toun of Old Nesebar-Mitropoliq-sculpture,mosaic,paintings-,2013-personal exhibition- Old Nesebar-Amfi-teatur-sculpture,mosaic,paintings,2013-personal exhibition toun of Old Nesebar-Seint Ioan Liturget-sculpture,mosaic,paintings,2013 -international fair contest "art without borders"

Ivaylo Mitkov Ivanov


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