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Mariyan Atanasov

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aus Kardjali, Bulgarien

Über mich

Marian Georgiev Atanasov
mail : mailto:marian_atanasov@abv.bg I was born on 12.10.1963 year in Bulgaria - the nation and country with rich history and culture! Fate and nature are my lot to be non-standard, rebel! I was born visually impaired - about 50%. This requires greater mobilization and persistence of proving yourself. I had no problems in this regard - in sports, painting, managed by a young man! Much of this I owe to the wise grandmother! She said, "Son, it is important not to look, it is important to see!" In 1981 I graduated from high school humanitarian. In 1986 graduated from the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "- Master of Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy. Education I needed - touching human nature and timeless, universal issues. I continued to paint - alone without teachers, especially art education. I knew that I had no need for special teachers. I saw / as grandma used to say / that I can do that, wear it in yourself and succeed! Environment forced me to be creative rebel! In 1987 I started working as a school psychologist. Nice job, I work to this day. In 1999, I underwent surgery to correct vision. The result was unique to me - I had never seen so good! Feeling, the experience was unique! .... This miracle last for three months! Then .... lost his sight - 100%. Interesting for me, but I gave up - I had seen 2 and 200 / wise as my grandmother used to say /! I could Recovered vision - up to 20%! I continue to create. I never stopped. It is stronger than me! In 2004 we created Free Institute of intercultural exchange and education - an association of great Bulgarian artists. Institute launched a cultural - cognitive tourism in Bulgaria. Since 2004, working with semi-precious stones. A great utility for creating works. The majority of my works are created ad hoc for a particular person. I prefer to work without rushing to give away his paintings. Since 2009 and organizes international competition for young artists "Radiance." Since 2012 we build a rehabilitation center for people with impaired vision. Visually impaired people have a specific sensibility and sense of life. Another else!! , .... other work that you love! Simple - let people learn to see, not to watch!

Mariyan Atanasov

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