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Fiorenzo Mascagna

  • Holz, Skulptur, Kunsthandwerk, Warten
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  • Skulptur, Kastanien
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  • Skulptur, Holz, Bunten steinen

aus Viterbo, Italien

Über mich

Fiorenzo Mascagna was born in Caprarola near Viterbo in Italy on August 18th, 1959.
He attended the art institute in Civita Castellana and then took a degree at the Art Academy in Viterbo, proposing a thesis on "The place in sculpture".
The vocational training of the artist close to science of the art, took him to teach "Theory of perception and psycology of form" in the same Academy where he had been a student.
He was a scholar of Michelangelo Conti and Alfio Mongelli; his artistic research was about constructivism and the study of the scientific relations between colour and form.
His works, mainly made of stone, sold at home and abroad, all manifactured personally by the artist himself, are the meeting point of tradition and contemporaneity.
His thirty year working experience has brought him to make monuments and fountains for public spaces. Culture and manual characters are the features of the sculptor whose teachers have been good art and history teachers and clever artisans.
A perspective study of space and the translation into form of the history of art make the artist a keen expert of the relations between environment and works.
When he was still very young he made his first stone works, choising fountain-sculpture as they represented an answer to the urban places lacking community spirit which was the origin of great works of the past.
To the artist, who goes on representing the Italian tradition of the relation sculpture-architecture, it is important that work respects the identity of the territory.
The sculptor's atelier is situated inside a big factory for the transformation of stone (VIMET) which exports manifactured all over the world.
The collaboration with this firm has given the artist the opportunity to work directly on the materials and to use the necessary structures for the cutting and transforming of the blocks of stones.
official web: https://www.mascagna.net/


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