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Garcia Nasih

  • Malerei, Akt, Abstrakt, Landschaften
  • Fotografie, Surreal, Frau, Apfel
  • Zeichnungen, Landschaften, Tür
  • Malerei, Real, Figural
  • Malerei
  • Malerei, Landschaften
  • Zeichnungen, Portrait
  • Malerei, Surreal
  • Malerei

aus Göttingen, Deutschland

Über mich

Born in Sulaymaniyah Iraq
Institute of Fine Arts graduate years 1984-1985. Living in Germany since 1992 and received the studio by the Foundation for a Culture Gotngh city with a group of German artists
Since then, a full-time art and after two years of receipt of the ceremony has become a
Member of the International Association for the Arts
Member of the Association in the province of artists Niedersachsen Germany
Member of Association of German artists
Member of the House Alatlir
9 his personal gallery
And 15 exhibit a common
Written about in newspapers, some German,


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