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  • Mischtechnik, Mutter natur, Blumen, Bewegung
  • Blumen, Leichtigkeit, Vereinfachen, Mischtechnik
  • Struktur, Blumen, Natur, Mischtechnik

aus Belmont, Frankreich

Über mich

Algarve Event presents Exhibition " Moments of life" by Simone Magdalena Kehrer Simone Magdalena Kehrer was born in Stuttgart Germany. She has lived in the south west of France for ten years in a beautiful house with a private gallery which is possible to visit.She is insrcipted in the "maison des artistes". She exhibits in Paris, Nimes, Toulouse and she shows her artwork in several galleries, with constant exhibitions. For some years Simone Kehrer comes to the Algarve and spends the winter here to make her artwork. In this exhibition she shows black and white paintings and sketches. In reduced, broken lines, she shows "snapshots" of people. She leaves a lot to the imagination of the viewer, to inspire a personal feeling towards the person in the painting. " I want to touch, make people feel something,.." , said Kehrer in an interview with la Depeche. She uses brush, roll, spatula and black acrylic- which gives the typical structure for the paintings of Kehrer.


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