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Thomas Stanovic

  • Malerei

aus Stuttgart, Deutschland

Über mich


2005Café Fantasia in Stuttgart

2006Künstlerbund Stuttgart

2010Jahresausstellung im Kunstverein Stuttgart

2010Europa Museum, World Peace Forum in Schengen/Luxembourg

2010Münster, Museum für outsider Art Kunsthaus Kannen

Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Thomas Stanovic. I live in an institution for people with mental diseases in Stuttgart in southern Germany. I’m an artist and I’d like to have an exhibition at your place with my works. So, therefore, I am writing you.

I am born in 1977. When I was a child, I discovered my interest for all kind of art painting. As a schoolchild, I dealed with different motives, especially with the sunken city Pompey. When my Mum died, things became really hard for me and I had to go to a mental hospital to get help with my schizophrenia which is chronic now.
At the hospital, there has been an art therapy. I loved this so much, that I couldn’t stop to deal with it. In the beginning I used oil and acrylic colours, later I used Jaxon chalks.
Over the years I made over a thousand paintings, mostly portraits, as you can see on my website http://www.stanovic.de
Since 2004, as I said, I live in an institution for people with mental diseases. My health became more and more stable. So, now, I want to exhibit my works, to show them to people which are interested in outsider art.

A few years ago, I had an exhibition with over hundred paintings at Münster Kannen. It has been a huge success, many newspapers wrote about me.
When the exhibition was over, the curator called me and said, that the bigger paintings are 3 millions worth and the smaller paintings are 2 millions worth.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Thomas Stanovic.

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