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    One Cookie

    i eated a cookie
    da cookie was yummy
    i eateds da cookie
    i got it from mommy

    da cookie is tasty
    finger-lickingly good
    it begone already
    damping my mood

    dem cookies be in jar
    i want cookies nao!
    but cookies are too far
    can't reach, dunno how

    if i was a ninja
    i could get cookies fast
    but sadly i'm not
    and my hunger will last

    so i call my sister
    she taller then me
    she reaches for jar
    and stops suddenly

    i shout i want cookie!
    i'm hungry and mad
    "Mom gave you a cookie!"
    truth can be sad

    i promise to be good
    i beg and i plead
    the cookies are prisoned
    and need to be freed!

    "And end in your stomach!"
    sister knows really all
    i just want ONE cookie!
    but i am not tall

    she takes out two cookies
    for each of us one
    she hands me one cookie
    "Just one!"

    RayEden - 2008
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