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  • Spring awakening with the “BAGL SPRINGtime 2012”

  • BAGL
    BAGL Spring awakening with the “BAGL SPRINGtime 2012”
    Look forward to the huge exhibition, parallel to the “Gallery Weekend” in Berlin – still participation opportunities for artists and artist-groups!

    If 50 galleries invite the audience to the Gallery Weekend from 27.04. - 29.04. 2012 with different art-tours and exhibition openings, the BAGL SPRINGtime 2012 with it´s parallel selection of contemporary art, should not be missed.

    Again, forty to fifty international artists will present their artworks exclusively at the BAGL SPRINGtime central in Berlin, very close to the Hackescher Markt, at the Spandauer Straße 2 from 27.04. - 01.05.2012.

    The, in the meantime twice a year held, Berlin artists Going Live (BAGL) is established as open artist platform and is very well received by artists and art-lovers. For single artists and artists-groups, the BAGL is a good alternative to an exhibition in one of the numerous galleries in Berlin. The non-profit organized BAGL is based on cost-sharing between all participating artists, in which an attractive venue as well as an effectively event promotion can be financed by pooling resources.

    In addition a culture all-round-program will be offered for all senses. For this purpose, the two volunteer organizers Jennifer Spruß and Anja Schneider got something going. Beside the international contemporary art there will be, in good old BAGL-style, daily changing events.

    So the young Norwegian indie band “The Morningtons” will specially come to Berlin with new songs for the BAGL-audience.

    Art in the dark does not work do you think? At the long art-night each visitor will be equipped with lanterns, light sticks, flashlights etc. and is able to discover forms and colours of the artworks in a totally new way. At this unusual dark-exhibition the singer and songwriter “Laura Dee” and her piano will spoil your ear.

    Not only for kids Joe M Kernbach from “con-musica”, restaged “Max & Moritz” as a new non-violent Musical-Story.

    You can chill or dance with Clemens Kombinat from “tanz+klangkombinat” in capital-style to some fresh techno- and house sounds. In contrast to this “Bianca Döring” will perform a more classical Arie.

    All this is just a small taste of the coming Events. More exciting acts are in preparation. The entire line-up of visual and performing artists and all event dates will be announced soon. Current informations and impressions of past events are always published on the website: 🔗

    All participants will be additionally introduced in the accompanying exhibition catalogue. During the exhibition it is also possible to get some further informations about the artists, if they are not able to be present in person, with the also known audio-tour.

    Artists and artist-groups still have time to apply to be part of the BAGL SPRINGtime til end of Febuary 2012. Further informations and conditions can be requested under: mailto:info@bagl-artists.de
    The BAGL SPRINGtime is organized by the “Gemeinnützige EAGL UG” which also organized the EAGL quadriART at the EAGL gallery (Kantstraße 87a, 10627 Berlin). To have a look will worth it, this exhibition will run until 31.03.2012
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