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  • Wer kennt: World Wide Art Books

  • Silvia Sailer
    Silvia Sailer Wer kennt: World Wide Art Books
    Habe heute eine Mail erhalten mit der Einladung in dem Buch "World Wide Art Books" zu erscheinen, allerdings kostenpflichtig. Hat jemand erfahrung damit? Mehr darüber unter,
  • efwe
    ich glaub das ist so eine art telefonbuchwaelzer wo dein eintrag nie gefunden wird.
  • Gast, 3
    ich rate generell vom publizieren bei druckkostenzuschuss-/
    dienstleistungsverlagen, oder wie auch immer sie sich gerade
    nennen, ab. deren geschaeftsmodell besteht einzig darin, die
    eitelkeiten irgendwelcher kreativer fuer sich monetaer zu
    verwerten. ich kenne das modell noch aus den 1980ern, es
    zielte damals vornehmlich auf hoffnungsvolle autoren,
    insbesondere hobbylyriker, hausfrauen, rentner. ein lektorat
    findet in solchen verlagen gemeinhin nicht statt, veroeffent-
    licht wird, wer dafuer bezahlt. weswegen sich die hoffnung auf
    zb ein gesteigertes prestige durch die teilnahme auch nicht
    erfuellen duerfte. die leute vom fach, nicht zuletzt die
    journalisten, kennen ihre pappenheimer und nehmen derartige
    publikationen schlichtweg nicht ernst. verkauft werden jene
    produkte am ende uebrigens meistens wieder an die teilnehmenden
    kreativen, diese zahlen also doppelt.

  • Silvia Sailer
    Silvia Sailer
    Danke für die Info,
    hat sich bereits erledigt eine Seite kostet ab 985$ US Dollar!!!!!
    lg. Silvia
  • xylo
    xylo War es dieser Text?
    Der war in meiner Spambox (wo es auch hingehört)

    I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Suzie, and I work with Creative
    Concept Inc <http://creativeconceptinc.com/> an art management and public
    relations company working with independent designers, artists, curators,
    art dealers, publishers and galleries to produce projects integrating the
    world of promotion, visual marketing, art consulting, and exhibition
    opportunities in a professional setting. We provide many art services and
    resources that include personalized career direction, group exhibitions,
    and publications which focus and lead them to new success.

    We have been observing your work and career for sometime, and your work has led
    my associates and I to the conclusion that your artwork would make a great
    addition to our new exhibition and publicity project. I am very interested
    to know more about your work, beyond what is available online and to
    discuss how we could possibly work together.

    As I mentioned, at the moment I am working on an exhibition project which
    features a selection of the most interesting, talented, unique individuals
    creating today. The project: Revelations in Reality: A Visual
    , and the coinciding anthology publication of international artists serves
    to celebrate a group exhibition scheduled for June 2013. The participating
    artists are showcased according to strict criteria of originality and skill.
    Revelations In
    operates as a showcase publication focused on raising awareness for a
    range of visual art genres and styles. It gives an opportunity for art
    lovers, creative professionals and artist alike to appreciate a variety of
    international artists in one forum. Given the development and strength of
    your work I would like to invite you to participate in this project.
    Creative Concept Inc is a company that focuses on a standard of
    professionalism, and attention to detail that many organizations lack. Our
    clients receive tailor-made representation and projects that directly
    effects the development and progression of their presence in the
    international art community. Please take the time to review the project
    outlines and details that follow..
    **Revelations in Reality: A Visual
    Revelations in Reality: A Visual
    <http://www.modernmastersartbook.wordpress.com/>is a 100 pages of the
    most innovative, talented and creative artists on the scene today. Revelations
    in Reality will be published by Creative Concept Inc and available by March
    2013. You will receive a two-page feature on your artwork on Revelations in
    Reality: A Visual
    in Winter of 2013. The spread will include your name, website, 3-10 Images
    of your work, and 500-1000 essay about you and your art. The publication is be
    a cover coffee table style art book published in print and also online at
    a direct link to each artists website and sold online at http://www.artbook.com
    and https://www.amazon.com/ and will be privately distributed to museums, and
    galleries alike.

    The publication will be launched at the end of March 2013 to coincide with
    the most important month of the art industry calendar: March 2013, New York
    Art fairs week. As part of The Armory Art Fair, SCOPE, Pulse, and many
    others taking place that week, Creative Concept INC shall conduct an
    extensive campaign in print and online media to promote the exhibition. A
    Press for the event will bedistributed to Time Out New York, New York
    magazine, Culture Vulture, ArtDaily, ArtNews, index, Surface, The Village
    Voice, Huffington Post, Avenue, Examiner.com, Artnet, Artforum, ARTNews,
    The Art Newspaper, Artinfo, Culturekiosque, Modern Painters, Art in
    America, ARTNewsletter, VERY Magazine, Manhattan Arts International, Art
    Journal, ArtsJournal, Tar, Salon.com, Slate Magazine, CityArts,Playbill,
    CITYist, The Brooklyn Rail, and Artcat.

    Each participating artist will receive 5 complimentary copies of Revelations
    in Reality: A Visual
    the time of publication and exhibit their work in Revelations in
    A *Group Exhibition* <http://creativeconceptinc.com/projects/>*. *The
    held in New York City from June 4th-20th, 2013 to coincide with many
    prominent Summer art fairs. You would participate in an exhibition and
    related promotional campaign that includes: listings in the Gallery Guide,
    printing and mailing of invitations, installation of the exhibition,
    opening reception, and maintenance of the space.*
    The Costs and Fees for entire project are: $2,100 and include guidance and
    portfolio critique along with professional advice. I am sure you have
    additional questions about working with us, and* *I would be happy to
    answer any you may have. I hope that you will seriously consider this
    invitation to participate in the project.

    I look forward to hearing more about your art, and the possibility of


    Suzie Maria
    *Editorial Director *

    *Creative Concept Inc*
    1440 Broadway,
    23rd Floor,
    New York, NY 10018
    T: 212-582-0232 F: 646-558-0464
  • Silvia Sailer
    Silvia Sailer
    Hallo Xylo,
    nein, wesentlich kürzer!!!!
    siehe unten:
    Danke und liebe Grüße,Silvia

    Upon review of your online portfolio, I would like to extend an invitation for you to submit art for inclusion in Volume VII of "International Contemporary Masters”, a leading juried annual art publication presenting noteworthy artists from all over the world.

    Please note that inclusion in the book is not free. If you are interested I will send you more information or you can visit our website wwab.us (add www. in front).

    To get an idea of the quality of our publications you can view our previous books on the same site.

    Each year we organize a large group exhibition for the artists appearing in this book, at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, which is located in Las Vegas.

    With best regards,

    Jacob Jenkins- Assistant Curator
    World Wide Art Books INC.
    1907 State Street
    93101 Santa Barbara CA
    Tel / fax +1 805 845 3869


    World Wide Art Books was established in 1997 and has to date published and represented over 6,000 artists from all over the world.
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