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  • Erich Fritz
    Erich Fritz Digitale Kunst aus Köln
    rich Fritz (e-rich)

    Born 1954 in Cologne, Germany, he is still working and living in his hometown. Fritz is an artist and technician as well.

    After more than 20 years of searching and trying nearly all conventional techniques, but always retourned to painting again until he arrived at an impasse. So he decided in 1988 to use Digital Art to express his thoughts.

    Today, with the background of 17 years, Fritz is already a pioneer of Digital Art, specialised in using computer technology to realize his work.
    "Meanwhile I think already digital, while designing a work and the result is still satisfying. Computer Technology is the most creative tool mankind ever had. Digital Art will dominate the future of art, a long time before all oil is consumed.” explains "e-rich”, laughing.

    Consciously he always choose the autodidactic way to collect his art. His work may be categorized in "abstact", "surrealistic" and "futuristic" art in highest quality. Every size and material is possible.

    Until today Fritz has shown his work in more than 30 national exibitions.
    Between 2000 and 2002 Fritz organized several big solo- and group-exibitions in cologne which have been visited by up to 20.000 people.

    Meanwhile he enjoys to use several international distributed servers to presentate his pictures via internet.

    Fritz´s aims for the next years are to establish the digital art worldwide and to show his work in european and international metropols.
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