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Titelan evening deep in the country
Material, Technikacrylic paint on canvas
Format 100 x 100
Jahr, Ort2008 Wedde
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Info835 4 2 1 4 von 6 - 3 Stimmen
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  • Gast , 4
    ist mir etwas zu düster
  • Gast , 3
    ...unheimliche Stimmung!
  • Gast , 2
    wow, ur a man challenging coloures.
    i´d like 2 sit there, 2 see this earth listening.
    as shown in Ur profile, the expression in ur art is deep.
    thanxs 4 this inhabitant surfing,
    even though i am an realist, there are the same impressions.
    your art is puzzelin me,
    though i do do something new,
    ive seen gerhard richter.
    i´d like to step on over old ways i did to long.
    and in earth red!
    thanx, u showed me this,
  • Gast , 1
    Meine Lieblingsfarben.