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Gewehr, Manga, Stillleben, Blut, Malerei, Surreal


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    Von Camille Case hochgeladen

    Materials: resting plywood, one single movement, a 2cm² sketch

    Materials: new adopted conceptual earrings, resting plywood, human nonsense.

    Story: began as a funny story on a market - looking for some nice stuff to make oneself a pleasure. As often, two not-made-to-match-pieces gefielen mir, and the two sets nicht so sehr meiner Portemonnaie. purchase dropped but a few meters away deeply newly longed: an idea rose, and won the deal. The Dead Fish and the Murdering² Gun became the objects of this work - and the simple shortcut to express a view on the blind exploitation of natural ressources, leading to both parts' bloody end.

Titeln°59354 - Earring ou Nature Morte
Material, Technikacrylic on plywood
Format 23X76cm
Jahr, Ort5 July 09, Berlin
Preis 220 EUR Anfrage stellen