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Verletzen, Tenebrous, Apfel, Passion, Rot, Gesicht


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    Von Camille Case hochgeladen

    Materials: jam, resting plywood, mistake and impro

    Story: I made a drawing from jam remainings on a Teller, kept the guys' face in mind, happen to want to work on improvization, catch the melancholly-collage, begun on the back abstract motives... and the guy came back, deeply sinking in his dark thoughts...

    [Rückseite der Mélancollage, Collage über Melancholia, Jan 09]

    Digitizing by FeNe

Titeln°65317 - Le ténébreux à la pomme (The tenebrous, with apple)
Material, Technikacrylic on plywood
Format 50X40cm
Jahr, Ort13 July 09, Berlin
Preis 230 EUR
Info643 1 4 von 6 - 1 Stimme