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Destiny, Anfang, Ende, Woher, Schicksal, Malerei


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    Von Camille Case hochgeladen

    Where are we coming from, who are we, where are we going - with installation.

    Materials: Breakfast, bread expiry date, birthdate, Old story, resting plywood, decadence.

    Story: As very often, breakfast is a great time for crazy-but-efficient idearising. So was this day the assigned Death of the Bread met my own Date of Birth. As I saw Gauguin's painting, as I read all philosophers'existential texts and even more, I felt myself properly entitled to make a new great unforgettable unforgivable artwork on the "where are we coming from, who are we, where are we going". I felt also in this time quite puzzled and lost on my duties-projects-life-map... So this ended up in this crazy puzzling perspective as well. The path is above a deep ravine, the cut bread-heads on the woods stand right in holes, moving towards or away from us, getting down or up on the way. In the front of the picture, you may be able to distingish one from the other, in the end/beginning not any more... Dazu, I found out an installation, puting the painting in relation with its origins, the Deadbreads - and a new Deadbread-Machine- Merchandizings- Life-stories - Serie, which was shown at the Christmas Palm Exhibition, 20th. Dec, Berlin.

Titeln°39071 – De l’éternel vacillement des Échafauds d’âges, «D’où venons-nous, qui sommes-nous, où allons-nous»
Material, TechnikAkrylfarbe auf Sperrholz
Format 32X44
Jahr, OrtMai 2009, Berlin
Preis 350 EUR
Info872 2 1 4 von 6 - 1 Stimme
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  • Adrian Bayreuther
    Adrian Bayreuther
    Aufteilung und Stil sind hervorragend. Das Werk regt stark zum Denken an und ist allein deshalb schon wertvoll. Der Titel passt genau.
  • alper kara
    alper kara
    wunderbar lg alperkara