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Kindisch, Moulins, Herz, Tal, Kisses, Burg


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    Von Camille Case hochgeladen

    Materials: resting plywood, something of the Joyful Jumps by Romero Britto, sweet souvenir

    Story: the terrific material and visual proof of being able to create/think/feel like a ten-years-old -and of the high easiness and delight of this! I really enjoyed the patient, simple work on these naive subjects, simply dropped in it much of my personal candytruck - felt like a big smile.

    Digitizing by FeNe.

Titeln°67126 - From Russia with Love
Material, TechnikAkrylfarbe auf Sperrholz
Format 43X57cm
Jahr, Ort14 Juli 09, Berlin
Preis 220 EUR Anfrage stellen