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Glaube, Perspektive, Treue, Zukunft, Landschaft, Zeichnung


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    Von Phrae hochgeladen im Album perspektivierte landschaften

    The highway is for gamblers better use your sense
    Take what you have gathered from coincidence
    The empty handed painter from your streets
    Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
    The sky too is fallin in over you
    And it's all over now baby blue
    Leave your stepping stones behind
    There's something that calls for you
    Forget the debt you left
    That will not follow you
    Your lover who has just walked through the door
    Has taken all his blankets from the floor
    The carpet too is foldin' over you
    And it's all over now baby blue
    Well strike another match, yeah,
    Go start a new
    Go start a new
    'Cause it's all over now baby blue
    eine zukunftsperspektivierte, empty-handed-painter-landschaft, die nichts unter den treuglaeubigen teppich kehrt. nach Rorschach.

Titelnimm's zur kenntnis, baby, it's all over now
Material, TechnikTusche und Fineliner auf Papier
Format 30 x 40 cm
Jahr, Ort2009, Phrae (Thailand)
Info1545 1 2 1 von 6 - 1 Stimme