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Fisch, Bewegung, Leben, Ruhe, Vorwärts, Ziel


Titel"Fisch" Drehbild
Material, TechnikAcryl auf Leinwand
Format 60cm x 90cm
Jahr, Ort2010
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Info1748 1 1
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  • kingki
    It is thus only that the attention of an audience can be completely and inceffantly engaged, and that the fubftance of a long dif courfe can be remembered without effort. And it is thus only that a fpeaker, after a mature confider ation of his fubje, can poffefs a juft confidence iin his own powers of recolfeftion, in ftating all the different premifes which lead to the conclufion Jie wifhes to eflablifh.In modern times, fuch contrivances have been very litde, if at all,made ufe of by public fpeakers