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    Von Andreas Loeschner-Gornau hochgeladen

    I paint only because I program.
    I program only because I paint.
    I developed a software which incessantly is creating abstract "picture ideas"(composition).
    I painted these compositions after the presentation of the computer with paintbrush and acrylic paint.
    Program purpose was:
    abstract, lines and area flatly, convex set, metric space, Poetry
    I developed at first a logic (program structure) for this subject. Everything is based on the calculation of geometrical surfaces and lines, and RGB color values. The software uses the RGB values based on the acrylic paint i use in my studio. Everything is assigned to an organized chance (random logic).
    My software produces in short time an "infinite number" of compositions. To make the pictures visible, the geometrical forms and color blendings are seved as a pixel picture. I study the pictures and make the decision which picture I paint.
    In addition to pixel picture the software saves in an other file the following information (to be able to paint a exact copy of the pixel picture):
    Geometrical data of the forms
    x y coordinates of the forms
    RGB values and transparency values (named as color of my acrylic color palette)
    Numbers and order of the layers to be painted

TitelSeries "Poetry 211" - I paint only because I program. I program only because I paint.
Material, TechnikAcrylic paint on MDF - as a result of self developed software
Format 20x20x2cm
Jahr, Ort2010
Preis 2500 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info576 1 1 von 6 - 1 Stimme