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    Life is complicated and difficult. It is definitely not easy and never has been. It’s frightening and painful, and it’s ugly and nasty. You lose people you love, and people lie to you. Life is not perfe...ct. But we must live it, regardless of what it is. We must make the best of it, whether it is dark or light. Life is what we make of it. This is the point: Life is what we make of it, and we are what life makes us. We cannot control most of it, but we can change parts of it. It’s all in the attitude and way we see things. If you look for darkness you will find it, and if you seek the light it will come. This is one of the few things I believe in. Life is not always terrible, in fact it has it’s very bright spot

    being in a bad situation,doesn't help you to think this way.it justmakes you see the darkness floating around,it eliminates the light surrounding you.IT MAKES YOU BLIND.Something i learned recently from someone who means a lot to me,is to think positive no matter what, because simply everything happens for a reason.whether you like or not it will happen as god wants it to happen,just have FAITH.It doesn't mean to lay in your bed waiting for the will of god,but it means to try as hard as you can to reach what you want,to get rid of the bad situation and you will get what you want.

    LIFE isn't simple,i totally agree.it's all about ups and downs.It's all about controlling it.live it as you want,search for love and fight for it.search for happiness,try to reach it and keep in your mind that it's somewhere out there.Appreciate the people who loves you and never leave them,but before anything trust in YOURSELF,cherish the love and cherish the life. =)) 

Titelthe bright side...!
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    • medhat wilsson
      medhat wilsson
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      You're british? Looks, like the dirty spot in the upper left is England and the spagetti are France. ;)
    • medhat wilsson
      medhat wilsson
      Du hast nicht essen Ich kann zeichnen Sie schnitsal mit Kartoffeln,,,,,,,,mr#
      Ben Zedrin Ben Zedrin hahahs never mind! ;)
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      never mind! ;)
    • medhat wilsson
      medhat wilsson
      Ben Zedrin............................................danke
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      Ja pfui! Die Spagetti hätte man doch noch essen können!