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    My Lady
    you were the most important woman in my history
    before the leaving of this year
    you're now...the most impoertant woman
    after the birth of this year
    you're a woman i can't count it with hours and days
    you're a woman made of the poetry nectar
    and from the Dreams' Gold
    you're a woman were living in my body
    before a million years

    My Lady
    the one who was made of Cutton and Clouds
    the one who i can call her a Rain of Jewel
    and the River of Nahound
    and a Row forest
    the one who siwmmes in the water of my heart like a fish
    the one who lives in the eyes like a folk of pigeons
    nothing will change in my emotion
    nor my feelings
    not even in my heart or my faith
    because i'll stay in the Christlichen religion

    My Lady
    you're a woman and you'll still as woman
    and in everytime
    i will still Love you
    when the 21 century enter
    and when the 25 century enter
    and when the 29 century enter
    and I will Love you
    when the seas drys
    and the forst burns

TitelMy Lady
Material, Technik!!!!!!!!!!
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      schon wieder selbst angeschoben. seltsam. warum immer dieses?