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    Von Anna Plonka hochgeladen im Album Ceramics works

    Gallery of Art RYNEK 7 in Andrychów invites to exhibition "The Eyes of the World – TUK Photography – Urszula & Tomasz Kucharscy"

    She has infected him with the passion for travelling. He has introduced her to the world of photography. Such exchange resulted in the set of pictures from their last journey, the central element of which is the human being. Both of the Artists are fascinated by the human sensibility, which is disparate in different parts of the world; and also by the emotions, which are always the same thorughout the world.
    The works presented are mostly portraits, however there are also pictures illustrating everyday life of these people.
    The photographs were taken in Ethiopia, Thailand, Mayanmar, and the Republic of India. Some of them will be shown for the first time, while others had already been presented many times during the „Meetings with the Nature”, arranged by the Authors, which constituted a report from their successive journeys.

    April 8ht - April 30ht 2011


TitelThe Eyes of the World – TUK Photography – Urszula & Tomasz Kucharscy
Jahr, Ort2011
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