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Schnitzkunst, Skulptur, Holz,

CarvingSculpturemoose antlerWood

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    Von Dmitry Gorodetsky hochgeladen im Album Schnitzerei

    These are wolves that have my heart....

    Perhaps this unexplainable love for these animals is provoked by the tender feeling to their domesticated brother, the dog.
    But wolves touch some fibre in me, my heart and soul.
    Some say this scene is aggressive but aggression in Nature is far from what we, the humans think, as only rarely it finishes tragically, Nature being foreign to violence...

    And also my focus and liking is 3D carving:
    Here 2 wolves are carved on the moose antler (relief carving, toning) and the other 2 are sculptures made of wood. The moose antler is fixed to a panel made of wood (toning) and on it I carved wolf paw prints and decorated it with a cord.

    Of this carving a copy can be ordered.

Material, Technikmoose antler, wood, carving
Format 40x75cm
Jahr, Ort2011/ Russland
Preis 3250 EUR Anfrage stellen