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    Von Noel 'Gene' Lungay hochgeladen

    The painting is a part of a visual thesis "Levitationism".
    The thesis, part research and visual arts experimentation digs deep into the ever disappearing and reappearing extreme overhead perspective or angle in art ( South-American Indian tapestry, Japanese prints, 1930 Illustrations ex. Hans Hilmann, Kassel Germany, Contemporary Philippine Art... etc ) The painting is part of the artist's personal collection.

TitelWarten (Abatan River Folk on Anchovy Vigil)
Material, TechnikÖl auf Leinwand
Format 180 x 250 cm
Jahr, Ort2008
  • Warten
  • lungay
  • gene lungay
  • Filipino
  • Artist
  • Eschwege
  • boholano artist
  • kunstverein eschwege
  • filipino artist
Info1143 8 9 2 4.7 von 6 - 9 Stimmen
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  • Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Marion & Manuela. Danke schoen.
  • Manuela Riemer
    Manuela Riemer
    tolles Werk.
    Ein tolles Bild!
  • Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Danke schoen Joerg.
  • Jeorg
  • Gast , 3
    the overhead perspective is unusual to our "normal" kind of looking, seeing, watching...
    To get out of this, you´ve got to leave the footpaths, trying to see it from "the other side".
    This is, what this painting means to me
  • Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Noel 'Gene' Lungay
    Danke schoen Gabrielle Carmen
  • GabrielleCarmen