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Hass, Tod, Wut, Mutter, Prostitution, Vergessen


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    Von HML-Art hochgeladen im Album Warchild am 31.05.2013

    "For thousands of women during and after the war, prostitution was the only way to feed themselves and their children - just to survive. The husbands and fathers of their children in captivity or during the war, could (or would) not do anything. These women were condemned, they were denounced as whores and prostitutes from those who were not in such a predicament. All these women and children i dedicated this series. It should be a token of appreciation and understanding. And this work should remind you that extremism - whatever type -. has clearly proved in the past, that it allways harms the people." The text quotes in this work was done by Ian Anderson. You will find them in the Jethro Tull´s albums "Warchild" and "A Passion Play".

Titel Warchild
Material, Technik Digitalfotografie
Jahr, Ort 2010 Wilkendorf
Info 1502 1 3

Bisher: 531.493 Kunstwerke,  1.978.506 Kommentare,  344.090.211 Bilder-Aufrufe
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