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Generation, Pastellmalerei, Gemälde, Surreal, Malerei,


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    Von Radovanovic Predrag hochgeladen

    In the picture is my nephew. In the same two positions. His post inspired me for this picture. Trained in two different jersey the same club they support my family. Jerseys represent the time that has passed and what will be. Sky shown in rosettes and a facade of the Orthodox church! It is symbolized by our faith. Flags miners and Yugoslavia and Spain. symbols are those times when Spain, which now rules the football world was under Yugoslav football school.Ali they ascended work and show they're worth. The sarcophagus Yugoslavian football shows Vicente del Boske couch Spanish national team, which shows the hand number 3 on Serbian way.This painting is rich in symbols.............

TitelThe third generation pastel on paper 68x43cm
Material, Technikpastel on paper
Format 68x43cm
Jahr, Ort2012 Belgrade
Preis 1300 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info563 2 3 4 von 6 - 4 Stimmen