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Surreal, Mixed, Social media, Panel, Sport, Installation


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    Von Radovanovic Predrag hochgeladen am 20.12.2013

    This installation represents my transition from football to futsal. The thin green line is a symbol of grass and football. Wooden plate of course is the flooring. The shoes are mine in which I played. As arrows are first couple of shows coming a second pair to bags products PREMIUM. In the same work I Interactively merge and social phenomenon in my country. It is about the emergence of a new brand that produces everything and poorer quality. More precisely for little pocket. Her name is PREMIA same as the word for the award, I did not in have football. I took a basic product and you can see what is missing some letters from them. Missing letters when the compound was the name of my ex-love Milica. etc. ... a lot of symbolism and social emotions and it's all about me.

Material, Technikmixed media installation on wood
Format 36x90cm
Jahr, Ort2009 Belgrade
Preis 2450 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info768 6 von 6 - 1 Stimme

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