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Illustration, Lyrik, Gedichtband, Englisch, Poesie, Wasser

forgettingEnglishPoetryDigital Art

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    Von Peter Pitsch hochgeladen im Album Wicked Tales

    All that, no one knew better than I
    with her disappearance is obtained
    in my memory sole, as an essence
    of her nature being caught in
    the centre of my grief.
    But now, thrown back at me and
    with myself it applies necessary
    to rip out what keeps her alive,
    piece by piece, memory after memory
    I must wipe out to persist.
    Face to Face with this arbitrariness,
    at the same time relieved of pain
    I drift away from both of us into
    a soothing everydayness, love finally
    is replaced by the sheer irrelevance.

    "Wicked Tale" (Book of Poetry)

Material, TechnikMixed Media
Format 21 x 14
Jahr, Ort2014
Preis 17 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info713 2 1