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Tree of life, Gold, Malerei, Baum,

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    "The Golden Tree of Life", 220/180 cm, gold liquid 24 carat + different metallic colours + oil colours on canvas.

    My new painting, which I painted about 1,5 years ...

    The Sacred Tree, Macro and Microcosm, the Tree of Knowledge, the World and Cosmic Tree, the Tree of Heaven/Paradise, Sephirot -Tree, connection of heaven and underworld, creation of our existence and many other meanings in different cultures, philosophies and religions.., which basically means only one – LOVE.

Titel"Der Goldene Baum des Lebens"/ "The Golden Tree of Life"
Material, TechnikÖl/Leinwand
Format 200/220 cm
Jahr, OrtBerlin, 2014
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