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Funky, Schicht, Luzzu, Zeit, Schiff, Abstrakt


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    Von Clemens Hasengschwandtner hochgeladen im Album Meine Arbeiten

    And here are the first pictures of my spring project series. I got inspired by the traditional boat of Malta - the Luzzu. After god knows how many years of repainting they are sanded down and rennovated and I am trying to recreate this effect.

    I spend the last couple of weeks painting one layer of paint after the other - after a good sanding and some elbow grease the results are rather stunning.....

    Size is 100 x 70 cm - Acrylic on galvanized steel

TitelSpring Project 2015 - 1
Format 100 x 70
Jahr, Ort2015 Malta
Preis Anfrage stellen
Info545 3 1 1 3 von 6 - 4 Stimmen