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Tusche, Mixed, Abstrakt, Malerei,


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    Von Bart van Oijen hochgeladen

    Mixed media on paper.
    Acrylic paint, indian ink and pencil.

TitelNo title
Material, Technikmixed media
Format 50 x 60
Jahr, Ort2005 Amersfoort
Info1000 14 1 2
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  • 0891_inna
    really good!
  • Malinka
    Das ist wirklich wunderschönes Werk!
  • reiabT
    Very nice artwork!!!!!!!
  • ilerb
    hier hab ich das Gefühl, ich lehne aus einem Fenster und unter mir tritt eine Dame energisch aus der Tür. Graues Haar, blauer Schal und schwingender schwarz Rock.
    Und jetzt fällt mir meine Schulzeit ein.
    Oh weh.

    Schöne Farben und Komposition.
  • Branka Moser
    Branka Moser
    Gruss an Holland... schönes Bild...
  • Pigeldi
    A possible title (at least for me) could be: dying or crashing bug, because the spot in the middle reminds me of a bug crashing into a huge garbage heap. As if he popped from outside through a little whole into a garbage can. By the way, is it more comfortable for you to receive comments in English or in German? I don't want to sound like a smartass here.
  • eedna
    I like the explosiveness in the front and the calmness in the back !
  • musrednar
    abstrakt und trotzdem irgendwie figural ...
    gewaltige tiefe, gewaltige wirkung!!!
  • Angelika Reeg
    Angelika Reeg
    sehr feine Arbeit
    lg angy ;-))
  • 102
    very 3d optics, perfekt work! thx for quality here! and had off!!!
  • ooboop
    wow, bart this is superb, i must have missed some recent paintings of yours but I will look and admire them later on, you are a true master, hat off
    I find so much in your paintings asnd breathe them in , come back to recharge my batteries

    good night
  • euqip
  • euqip
    WOW! DAS ist mal eine echt gute Arbeit!!!
  • towe2005
    u know how it works- this is more the most can say! gratulations*****