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    Von Dmitry Gorodetsky hochgeladen im Album Schnitzerei am 12.08.2015


    This is my recent carving made in mammoth tusk, the ancient natural material found deep in the North of Russia.
    It depicts a wildlife scene: a wild boar is chased by a wolf amidst the bushes. The animals are carved all in motion, in their typical postures and expressions. It is always my desire to render in my carvings the animation and mobility present in nature. Every detail in the sculpture – the animals’ anatomy (eyes, noses, tongues, teeth, ears, hooves, nails on the wolf’s paws, the fur), the leaves, the sticks - is carved with minute care and precision. I tried to glimpse directly into the wildlife, into one dashing instant of life in the woods and to catch the boar's and the wolves' face expression, the tension of their muzzles and tongues, the curves of the bodies, mostly synchronous, the movement and trembling of the paws and hooves...The light and shade of the camera shooting helps to heighten and enhance this feeling....

    The sculpture is fixed onto a wooden stand made of stained oak to which at the side a small oval panel (of ivory) with the name of the carving is fixed. Just in the middle I carved a rectangular niche in which is fixed an oval panel (of mammoth tusk) with the my name (the name of the artist)

    The sculpture can be easily separated from the stand so as the spectator and owner could take it in his hands for close view. For this purpose on the flat bottom surface of the sculpture I fixed a rectangular thin panel made of black wood which is fixed onto the sculpture with 2 small screws (of chromate steel).

    Height 15cm (5,9 inches)

    Width 8,5cm (3,34)

    Depth 9cm (3,54)

    With the stand
    Height 18cm
    Width 10,5cm

Titel The Fight
Material, Technik mammoth tusk, wood
Format 5.9 x 3.34 x 3.54 in
Info 1815 3 2 1 6 von 6 - 3 Stimmen

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