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Ashraf fayad, Saudi, Arabien, Suizid, Death penalty, Malerei

ashraf fayadSaudiArabiadeath penalty

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    Von Clemens Hasengschwandtner hochgeladen im Album Meine Arbeiten am 06.01.2016

    Normally I try to stay out of politics but in this case I make an exception. His name is Ashraf Fayad - he is an Palestinian Artist currently on death row in Saudi Arabia. I am no Islamophobic but this Saudi Arabia ass licking has to stop - they are the worst of the worst and we keep on selling them weapons - we sell ourselves for money

    This painting is for sale and any proceeds will go to the Ashraf Fayad defense fund - by the way - on the 13th of January there are readings of his works all over the world - check out the Internet - I am sure there is one very close to your location

TitelAshraf Fayad
Material, TechnikAcryl
Format 50 cm x 80 cm
Jahr, Ort2016 Malta
Preis 700 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info771 1 5 von 6 - 1 Stimme

Bisher: 490.929 Kunstwerke,  1.931.379 Kommentare,  247.283.509 Bilder-Aufrufe
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