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Vittoriosa, Senglea, Malta, Birgu, Malerei


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    Von Clemens Hasengschwandtner hochgeladen am 22.02.2017

    besides all my efforts to establish myself as an artist my bread and butter still comes from small, sweet landscape paintings featuring Malta. In a way it's a blessing - a guaranteed income which sells for sure - on the other hand painting certain scenes over and over again is kind of boring as well but what to do about it. I try to keep a balance between tradition and experiment - these paintings just sell - for sure - all the time - every time - which enables me to make paintings which don't sell but are more fun to make. Walking on the edge.....

TitelWelcome to Birgu
Material, TechnikAcrylic holz
Format 40 cm x 30 cm
Jahr, Ort2017 Malta
Preis 200 EUR Anfrage stellen
  • Birgu
  • Vittoriosa
  • Senglea
  • Malta
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    Schöne klare Farben und saubere Linienführung