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Horn, Elch, Schnitzkunst, Bolo tie, Kunsthandwerk

HornElchMoosebolo tie

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    Von Dmitry Gorodetsky hochgeladen im Album Schnitzerei am 03.03.2017

    One of my very recent carvings - the bolo "Moose".

    "Delicate carving, decorated with acorns at the both ends of the leather strap.
    Natural colouring stuff is used to enhance the natural beauty of the bone and for the moose to stand out in all its beauty".

    The bolo went to Alabama.
    But a nearly identical copy can be commissioned.

TitelBolo "Moose"
Material, TechnikElch Horn
Format 6 cm x 8 cm x 2 cm
Jahr, OrtRussi, 2017
Preis 350 EUR Anfrage stellen
Info370 1 6 von 6 - 2 Stimmen