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Gewehr, Fuß­bo­den, Leiche, Plastik


TitelKurt Cobain
Material, TechnikHolz, Fimo Air, Acrylfarbe
Format 20 cm x 48 cm
Jahr, OrtLeverkusen
Info1331 4 7 1 5.5 von 6 - 2 Stimmen
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  • Gast , 3
    vll war das auch ne knicker
  • A-Hatter
    @Remigius Sappa: Wusste ich nicht. Dank dir für die Info.
  • Remigius Sappa
    Remigius Sappa

    The visual images created and promoted by Courtney Love and others are actually much worse than the true images left in the wake of Kurt's death. Contrary to popular belief, the shotgun blast resulted in VERY LITTLE VISIBLE DAMAGE!

    This was an intra-oral discharge. The shotgun barrel was placed in the mouth against the hard pallet. The pellets from the shotgun blast remained inside the head. This was a "penetrating" shot that DID NOT EXIT.

    As a result, there was no blood or tissue "splatter" typical in most shotgun blasts to the head. There was a pool of blood on the floor from seepage, and damage inside the mouth could be observed, thus the police report indicates, "obvious trauma to his head."

    But, unlike the fake photos being passed around, and the grossly exaggerated visual images deliberately planted in the minds of Kurt's fans, THERE WAS NO GAPING EXIT WOUND.

    Although drawn and slightly distorted due to the beginning effects of decomposition, KURT'S FACIAL FEATURES WERE ALL LEFT INTACT AND RECOGNIZABLE. He was fingerprinted for identification as a matter of procedure -- not necessity, as was falsely reported in the press.

    The shotgun was a 20 gauge. This is a less powerful weapon than the more common 12 gauge shotgun. This shotgun, even with its "light load" set-up, would normally cause much more damage.

    The lack of extensive damage was simply an aberration -- a fluke! It happens in a small percentage of shootings of this type. But there's no way anyone could have known in advance that this shotgun would not leave a much uglier mess. The fact that it didn't had as much to do with angle of discharge and skull thickness as anything else.

  • A-Hatter
    Feines Werk.
    Denke aber, dass vom Kopf nicht mehr so viel übrigbleibt, wenn man sich mit ner Schrotflinte das Hirn wegpustet.